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We would like to extend our thanks for your interest a new Konica Minolta copier, and take this opportunity to present you with background information on both our supplier and ourselves.
Konica Minolta is a leading manufacturer of photographic material. The company has been producing cameras, photographic film and papers for most of the 120 years that it has been in business.

Manxson Pty Ltd  is a local family business that has been servicing office machines in the Shoalhaven for 25 years. We are proud of the professional service provided by our Konica trained technicians – Kim Robins and Ryan Jeffress – who are dedicated to keeping your Konica Minolta copier in top working condition.
We are the sole Konica Minolta copier dealer in the Shoalhaven, and have joined our supplier in their quest for excellence by dealing with the exceptionally superior range of equipment. Locally, we are proud to have an unrivalled reputation for providing the highest standard of reliable service to our clients. In support of our service accomplishments, Manxson Pty Ltd have acquired two accolades from Konica. In 1994 we achieved NSW Dealer of the Year. We also received the Top Cat Award – for excellence in service performance – in 1994 and 1998. We have been rewarded by Konica Minolta for hard work with Dealer Incentive Trips to places such as Fiji, Phuket and Hawaii. The quality and reliability of Konica Minolta’s copiers is evident in the success we have achieved by “making budget” over in the past years. Customers – new and established – continue to depend on Konica Minolta for their copying needs.


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